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Hi there, and welcome to the new home of all things Valeri Beatrix. I'm currently revising a novel to be published next year--fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. When I'm not writing or watching K-Dramas, I can be found assisting my fellow creators in their journey to the crazy town that is writing. On the pages of this lovely site, you'll find fun facts about me, samples of my work, and for all you writers out there--writing resources that are both helpful and easy to use! 

"You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing."  --Doris Lessing


It took me a while, but eventually I accepted the truth of that advice.

As writers, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we'll never be good enough. Never write as well as our favorite authors. If we follow that path of thought too far, we'll find ourselves accepting an irrational idea as truth. Once you've accepted that idea, well, you'll find all kinds of reasons and excuses why you can't write. I've been there, many times, and even now it's still a struggle. 

Maybe you understand the notion and take the time to bang words out, but end up hitting that "wall". You know the one. It goes by many names: writer's block, life, disinterest, etc. You are not alone, my friend. I've been there as well, and even have several unfinished manuscripts to prove it. 

The thing is, writing doesn't have to be that way. Ok, so it can be hard, but what I've found to be true for myself is that the writing isn't hard. It's all those other building blocks that lay in wait to trip me up. You know, stuff like plots, character arcs, motivation--ah, motivation. I've read (and am still reading) a number of books that have helped me navigate the murky waters of writing, and now I want to share those tips and tricks with you!

Ready to learn more about the craft, get focused, and have someone cheering you on along the way?

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